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How to get to Gausdal?

You can use car or you can use train, airplane and bus.

Distance from Gausdal to:
Lillehammer 18 km
Oslo 200 km
Trondheim about 370 km
Ålesund about 410 km
Gøteborg 510 km
Stockholm 620 km
Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen 150 km


For fast information you can call 177. This is a national phone number for public transport services. Wherever you are in Norway, you can dial 177, and ask your specific question related to travel facilities, where and when. The cost of the call is at standard rate depending on where you are calling from.

Also, the 177 website gives you links to regional public transport facilities. Click on your actual region(county) and a pop-up will appear providing you a list of websites with travel information in the region.

The more details you know of your travel, the better result on the search is available.


Lillehammer is the closest station to get to Gausdal and Espedalen. Bus or taxi further on to get to Skeikampen, Espedalen and Gausdal Western Mountains.

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Rutebuss: Opplandstrafikk- look at route 200 m.f. Lillehammer-regionen.
Lillehammer - Skeikampen (Skei)
Lillehammer - Espedalen - Skåbu
Ekpress-bus: Nor-Way Bussekspress- to Lillehammer


Gausdal Taxi tlf: +47 61 22 02 08
Lillehammer Taxi tlf: +47 06565
Tretten Taxi tlf: +47 61 22 20 20

Car rental:

Lillehammer Car rental tlf: +47 61 25 94 34
Hertz Lillehammer tlf: +47 61 25 08 54


Oslo Airport Gardermoen
Train or bus to Lillehammer. Take the bus to Skeikampen or Espedalen and Gausdal Western mountain.